Thursday, January 3, 2008

Suggested Changes

PDF files

Several viewers report irritation with the pdf files. I will change this in the final version to an HTML page with menus and anchors.

The pdfs were convenient, in that they seperated information into discrete bits, which made it easier to choose what should be on the page and what should not.

The Copyright Text Over Images

This is a tough one. There is a strong attitude on the web that anything that is posted is free. This is contrary to all copyright laws, but I can understand the visual irritation with the strong text overlay.

I will examine rebuilding the image pages with lower resolution images and saved to lower quality and perhaps smaller images. Any copyright info will be more subtle.

The Size of the Thumbnails

There are two tumbnails. The mini thumbs that are always live under the current pick and the mid size thumbs that come up when a user rolls over a mini thumb. The mini thumbs are fixed and cannot be changed. The mid size can be made bigger, but this creates a new problem with vertically oriented images, in that the some of the thumbnails get pushed of screen on monitors set to an 800x600 screen resolution.

One solution is to ignore users with 800x600 resolution, just as most web sites ignore the 640x480 res users.

Another solution is to break up the Image Collections into smaller groups, say 20 images.

Outside The Box would then be 2 seprate pages. Reflections: The Pre-Millenium Landscapes would become 6 pages.

I would like to hear some feedback on this concept.


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