Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Build In The Works - Goodby Flash, Hello HTML

Acting on several key feedback coments, I am re-building the image content pages.

Dizzying Effect of the Thumbnails

One observer found the interaction of the mini thumbnails and the mid size thumbs dizzying and difficult to control. This is Flash programming and my life is too short to get involved in dealing with it. Another case to encorage me to move to a more traditional thumbnail arrangement.

Ipod Couldn't Read the Contents.

The iPod could open the basic home page but not the image content pages, as it did not have a Flash reader installed. This was a brand new unit. This may not, in itself be a big deal, but it is a bleeding edge effect. Users are moving to Ipod like devices and cell phones that can browse the web, so, a site shouldn't be hostile to those users. However, I am some distance from creating a web site specifically for those users.

Changes to the Images on the Content Pages, Quality And Size.

A very strong comment from Benny Shaboy, publisher of Art Opportunities Monthly,
that has convinced me to improve the size and quality of the images, as well as remove or reduce the annoyance of the copyright text overlay.

This is now in process and should take a few days to complete. I am basing the pages on a 1024x768 screen, and trying to create a flow from image to image that does not require scrolling to see the balance of the image or the navigation buttons. As of now, only one image is proving to be a scrolling problem. If it's the only one, I may just leave it.

Thanks Benny.


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